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Versa Packet II + Rave


This is a promotion for climbers who are looking for a climbing set for their climb. Combination of SINGING ROCK Versa II + CLIMB X Rave provides a good option for beginners who are still new or climbers who climb leisurely. Different that other sets – Versa II harness is a adjustable in various sizes (Eg: Versa II XS-M can be adjusted at the back by referring to the rear size label). This helps especially if there are more than one users with the same harness or when the user going through a drastic change of their physique.


1. Singing Rock Versa Packet II

Harness – The second generation of the universal harness for all kinds of climbing activities suitable mainly for beginners, climbing courses and gyms.

  • comes in two sizes which adapt to all users
  • Rock&Lock buckles enable fast and safe adjustment
  • BMI adjusting system on the waist belt (consists of two loops on one side and two velcro straps on the other one) keeps the waist belt webbing with the belay loop in a proper position in various sizes
  • rear size label makes size adjusting very easy
  • construction of the waist belt and leg loops provides maximum support and comfort when hanging in the harness
  • reinforced tie-in points for longer lifetime of the harness
  • red color belay loop for proper tie-in/attachment point, strength 15 kN
  • inside mesh wicks moisture away and dries quickly in wet conditions
  • laced technical textile increases the waist belt rigidity and abrasion resistance
  • 4 braided gear loops in two sizes with a load capacity of 5 kg
  • fixed bridge between the leg loops provides a higher safety in case of wrong tie-in
  • removable and adjustable rear stretch straps

Carabiner – Screw lock HMS carabiner BORA GP designed specifically to eliminate the dangers of cross loading

Belay Device – Light and compact belay tube BUDDY designed for the ropes 7.8 – 11 mm diameter

Chalk Bag – Chalk bag LARGE with prompt closing system and braced welt for easy handling

Belt – Adjustable BELT for chalk bag with a quick release plastic buckle

Chalk Ball – MAGNUM ball, 35 g of perfect grade natural chalk for maximum sweat absorption and friction


2. CLIMB X Rave

A great all around comfortable shoe that is precise enough for your next gym session. Features double stitch construction, padded collar and heel, polypropylene mid-sole and one-piece binding.

* * Design will be given based on availability.

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1 × Versa II - Packet

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1 × Rave

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  • Colour: Black/Orange/Grey
  • Standards: ce 1019 EN 12277 uiaa
Weight 1000 G

2. CLIMB X Rave

  • Weight: 600g
  • Colour: Blue, Grey, Orange, Red


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