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Viper Package + Tanta


The Viper is a comfortable and durable men’s all-round climbing harness. Generous amounts of padding provide support, and feature a mesh fabric for breathability. Fully adjustable waist and leg loops allow you to fit the Viper 2 over any layering system for all season capability. A floating waistbelt keeps the padding and gear loops centralised, giving further adjustability and keeping gear within easy reach.


Harness – Five gear loops give enough racking for sport or trad climbing. For long mountain trad pitches to multi day mountain epics, the Viper 2 keeps you secure and comfortable.

Chalk Bag – The Tube is a classic style chalk bag suitable for all types of climbing.

Carabiner – The Rhino’s horn prevents belay devices from working their way round the top bar and onto the spine, minimising the chance of cross-loading. The round top bar gives smooth and predictable rope control, while the flat bottom sits well in belay loops, encouraging the Rhino to load in its strongest orientation.

Belay Device – The Mantis is incredibly light at just 45 grams.

Despite its low weight, the Mantis is a high performance belay device, giving confident control over ropes from 11mm down to a super skinny 7.3mm. Ideal for those looking for a single belay device for all their climbing activities.

Chalk Ball – Chalk balls are mandatory at many climbing walls as they prevent the mess associated with loose chalk. They also travel better than loose chalk when in your chalk bag.

Viper Package includes : DMM Viper Harness + DMM Tube Chalk Bag + DMM Rhino HMS Screwgate + DMM Beetle Belay Device + DMM Chalk Ball.


2. TENAYA Tanta

A slightly curved shoe utilizing our M4 technology. Borrowing many features from our top-of-the-range models, the TANTA offers exceptional comfort and excellent performance. The moderately downturned toe box and velcro closure system are extremely adaptable to different widths of feet. This is the perfect climbing shoes in which to improve your climbing skills and give you a greater connection with the rock.


Tanta is the ideal shoe for long days of training, be it indoors or out. Not too soft, not too stiff, Tantas help you place your feet more precisely and effectively, and remain comfortable throughout the day. Rubber reinforcements on the toe and instep provide increased support on small edges and greater abrasion resistance. The triple-layer bellows tongue gives the shoes a wide opening, enabling them to be put on and removed quickly and easily.


More advantages
  • Maximum comfort but with many of the characteristics of a high performance shoe.
  • Very adaptable to various width of feet.
  • Wide opening bellows tongue for ease of putting on and removing.
  • Rubber reinforced toe-box for increased abrasion resistance and superior edging capabilities.
  • Four micro-layer insole for perfect distribution of force.
Recommended use
Vertical and moderately overhanging routes. Training both indoors and out.
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1. DMM Viper Package

Size : S, M, L
Waist (cm) : 64 – 79, 64 – 79, 87 – 104
Waist (in) : 25 – 31, 30 – 36, 34 – 41
Legs (cm) : 45 – 58, 50 – 63, 55 – 70
Legs (in) : 18 – 23, 20 – 25, 22 – 28
Weight (g) : 700
Conformance : EN 12277:2015 Type C

2. TENAYA Tanta

Uppers : Microfibre
Closure System : Velcro
Tongue : Padded bellows tongue
Lining : TXT treated cotton
Insole : Multi-layer Stretchtex
Midsole : 2D PLT 10
Sole : RUBBER 4mm
Weight : 340 g
Sizes : 1-13 (UK) with half sizes


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