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We are a group of climbers who are passionate about our sport and hope to expand this feeling beyond our borders. Shack is a stepping stone towards that goal. We stock our products to make sure your safety and outdoor experience will reach a bliss point at a price where all can afford. Our location births from where our outdoor climbing experience began at Batu Caves.

We have been in this business for 4+ years now approaching our key 5th year. Traffic and location may have been an issue in the past. However with our online presence we hope to serve our beloved customers better. Starting from 2015 we will push ourselves to meet all our online customers needs and we hope that you can enrich us with your presence and feedback. We are open to all criticisms should you have any please email us at:

For more updates and contact information we can also be found in our social spaces via links found at the footer of all our pages.