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Spirit 9.5mm

OCUN Spirit 9.5mm

Designed for rock climbing in the summer and ice climbing in the winter.

  • Ideal for competition climbers
  • Lightweight, small diameter, easy to handle
  • Excellent parameters in its category
  • PFC Free UIAA water repellent


1. Core Thermal Treatment – Individual strands of the core are heat treated to give the rope its dynamic and mechanical properties.

2. Heat Sheath Treatment – Final heat treatment of the braid ensures compact flexibility and supple handling.

3. Dry and Protect Sheath Coating – Twisted fibers of sheath give permanent protection and create a barrier against moisture and dirt.

4. Super Tension Control – Strict control of fiber tension during the manufacturing process ensures perfectly balanced tension throughout the entire cross-section of the rope and keeps the sheath from slipping.

5. Midpoint Marking – Every Ocún rope has a colored band marking the mid-point to make descending easier.

6. Color Length Marking – Every Ocún rope is color coded on one end to indicate length and increase safety during use.

7. Double End Marking – The ends of all ropes have different color codes to easily distinguish them from one another and ensure uniform use.

8. Unique Number – Each individual rope has its own unique serial number.

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Diameter: 9.5mm
Rope type: Single rope
Weight: 60 g/m
Maximum impact force: 7.4 kN
Number of UIAA falls: 9
Sheath slippage: 0 mm
Static elongation: 5.7%
Dynamic elongation: 38%
Sheat proportion: 36%
Knotability: 0.8
Number of carriers: 40
Type: EN 892+A1 CE

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Weight 7000 g


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