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Add-on for the Smart 2.0 belay device to prevent the consequences of beginner’s errors. The innovative add-on for the Smart 2.0 increases safety even in the event of misuse by the belayer. The Smarter is simply attached to the Smart 2.0 and, in the event of a fall, it triggers the blocking of the rope even if the brake rope is incorrectly held above the Smart 2.0. It comes into effect only in the event of misuse and has no adverse effect on normal rope handling.

Greater safety in the event of misuse
More safety when climbing with the innovative Smarter add-on for Smart 2.0: in the event of misuse, the Smarter reliably steps in, even if the belayer’s hand is incorrectly placed above the Smart 2.0.
Simple handling
The Smarter can also be easily attached to the Smart 2.0, with no adverse effect on its easy handling when belaying and lowering. It activates and blocks the rope only in the event of misuse.
With or without Smarter
More safety for children and beginners: the Smarter reduces the risk of misuse, particularly by children and beginners. If necessary, it can be easily removed from the Smart 2.0 and attached to the integrated loop on the climbing harness.

  • The main area of application for the Smarter is beginners and children, i.e. situations requiring greater safety. It can be easily removed if required and attached via the integrated loop on the climbing harness.

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