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Phoenix Hitch Cord


The Phoenix cord has been specially developed for making self-locking knots. It has an aramid / polyester blend sheath ensuring lasting grip and abrasion resistance.

  • Durable flexibility, abrasion resistance and heat.
  • Now equipped with a molded termination, allowing the making of more compact self-locking knots.
  • The termination prevents the carabiner from slipping in the sewn loop.
  • 32-plait sheath mixed aramid / polyester and polyamide core.
  • Buckle and seam are protected by a compact molded termination.
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Material : mixed aramid / polyester and polyamide.

Diameter : 8mm (12-24kN) and 10mm (18-36kN)

Length : 65cm, 70cm, 75cm, 80cm

Standards : CE 0082, EN 566 : 2017, EN 795B : 2012

Courant warranty :
This equipment is guaranteed for 3 years against any material or manufacturing defects.
This excludes normal wear and tear, modifications, poor storage, poor maintenance,
damage due to accidents, negligence, usage for which this equipment is not
The potential lifespan of this equipment cannot exceed 10 years, starting from the first
day of use (with a maximum storage time of 12 months after the date of manufacture).
Some factors affect the equipment’s lifespan: intensity, frequency, environment of use,
competence of the user, condition of maintenance and storage, and so on. An unusual
usage event could lead to your equipment being discarded after a single use.

Additional information

Weight 200 g



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