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Eagle/Hurry Set


Widely useful combination of the lightest belay device and basic HMS carabiner with screw lock and keylock gate.


Eagle is a lightweight HMS carabiner suitable for belaying with a UIAA knot or to be used with belay devices. The ergonomic design enables easy locking with one hand only and comfortable grip. Its shape was designed with the intention to optimally balance weight, strength andsize. The profile of the upper part enables reliable and safe manipulation with the rope.
Hurry is an ultralight belay/rappel device that enables you to belay with single rope as well as with double. It offers two friction modes. Hurry is one of the essential tools any rock climber must have.
  • Carabiner has a screw lock gate with keylock nose
  • “Rope friendly” shape to avoid excessive wear of rope, ergonomic body
  • Optimal weight, strength and size balance
  • Hurry is suitable for single and doulble rope
  • 2 friction modes
  • Rappelling, lowering

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Recommended for : 8,9 – 10,5 mm & 7,8 – 9,5 mm (Double rope)
Standard : UIAA 121, EN 12275, EN 362 & EN 15151-2

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Weight 116 g


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