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Conqueror Fingerboard


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Conqueror 2020-F1 is an all rounded fingerboard that is suitable for new as well as expert climbers. The edge finishing is perfectly rounded which gives you a comfortable hold. Conqueror 2020-F1 Is made from rainforest wood.

Conqueror 2020-F1 comprises of:
1. A pair of Jug suitable for dead-hang and pull-ups
2. 3 pairs of sloper (4 fingers 45-degree, 2 fingers 18-degree and a round sloper)
3. 3 pairs of deep flat holds (4 fingers, 3 fingers and 2 fingers)
4. 3 pairs of shallow flat holds (4 fingers, 3 fingers and 2 fingers)
5. 2 pairs of mono (with different depth)
6. A variety of pinch grips

Dimension of the Fingerboard 74.2cm (W) x 19cm (H) x 5.0cm (D). It comes with:
– 6 small screws for wood panel mounting
– 4 big screws and 4 wall plugs for wall mounting.

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Weight 3700 g


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