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Chalk Bomb (Refillable)


Performance does not need to be boring, and 8BPLUS Chalk is living proof! This is a high purity Magensium-carbonate without any fillers or drying agents, packed into a 65g pouch that allows chalk to come through in perfect amounts, avoiding chalk spills and too much chalk use. A cleaner chalk that is better for your hands, has great drying characteristics and a fantastic hand-feel, which is developed to deliver on your toughest requirements on chalk: Top Friction, long lasting and effortless chalking up! The product can be opened and refilled and is thus reusable for many times.

That it is also the world’s tastiest chalk for a chalkbag is a bonus. Get your hands on the new 8BPLUS Chalk now and make your chalkbag happy. #EATMORECHALK

  • 100% pure MgCo3 with great hand feel and drying characteristic
  • No added fillers or drying agents
  • No heavy metals – cleaner is better
  • Refillable and reusable
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MATERIAL : No fillers or drying agents, Pure MgCO3

SHAPE : Lightweight and fine Powder Chalk

WEIGHT : 100g, 250g

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Weight 65 g


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