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Basaltic 9.4mm (70m)

Specially designed for extreme climbing, the single rope Basaltic 9.4 is light, saving you some energy, which you will appreciate when the time comes to clip on the carabiners. This is a crucial feature and every gram counts in the design of our performance ropes.


High dimensional stability. Compactness and roundness appreciated


The ultimate reference, essential for extreme climbing.

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Diameter : 9.4 mm
Weight : 55 g/m
Sheath percentage : 33.3%
Number of falls : 5
Impact force : 780 daN
Number of strands : 40
Dynamic elongation : 34.4%
Static elongation : 5.8%
Knotability : 0.9
Breaking strength : 2,070 daN
Component : 100% polyamide

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Weight 3850 g


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