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Rescue Genius


The Rescue Genius is super simple way of creating mechanical advantage for example in a short-lift long-lower rescue system. Not only is it easier to use than traditional pulley systems, it uses less rope.

Rescue Genius can also be used as a line tensioning device for high lines or speed lines.

In both cases a progress capture device is required for example the RD2 by ASAT or pretty much any descender device.

The handle is 750mm long and the total weight is only 600g. It comes in a carry bag and is complete with a small bungy lanyard to prevent drops.

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  • Weight 600g
  • Overall Length 750mm
  • Working Load Limit 140kg
  • Mechanical Advantage Between 3:1 and 4:1
    (Depending on the type of descender/progress capture device used)


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